Why I went ADpi

Claire Reichelt

   Spring '18


  Major: Biobehavioral Health and Spanish

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As a very indecisive girl, recruitment completely overwhelmed me. However, I just felt so at home and relaxed when I was at ADPi. As I talked to some of the girls, I was so impressed by all of the ways that girls were involved in community service projects, their philanthropy, and THON. Which were very important factors to me when choosing a sorority. As I talked to the ADPi girls (now my sisters), I felt like I was talking to my friends from back home that I’ve known my whole life. The funny thing was, I called my best friend during recruitment to ask her for advice, and she reminded me she was in ADPi at her school! In that moment, I knew Alpha Delta Pi was a place I too would be able to call home. My experiences since recruitment have surpassed my expectations; ADPi has given me the most amazing family that loves me for who I am, supports me and constantly encourages me to be my best self, and for that I am forever grateful!

Kaitlyn Carpenter

spring 18


  Major: Health & human development

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 I knew that whenever I was with the ADPI girls that i didn’t have be be anyone that i wasn’t, no pressure to “fit it.” Everyone just seemed so genuine and people that i knew would not only be such great friends, but people that would motivate me to be my best self. Through ADPI, i have gained so many amazing lifelong friendships that have gotten even stronger with living with the girls in an apartment. I was exposed to so many opportunities that people saw i would be a great fit for that i didn’t notice myself, which really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am so thankful for everything ADPI has brought me!

Cathy zhou

spring '19


   Major: risk management

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I went ADPi because they accepted me and supported me from day one. ADPi gave me a foundation, a support system, and a network of opportunities to broaden the depths of my mind and heart. It has helped me find my closest friends in a pool of 40,000 individuals. Alpha Delta Pi has given me role models and motivators to look up to and learn from in all aspects of my life. Because of my sisters, I am motivated me to be a  better version of myself and I know that there will always be a community of strong women to back me up.  Through all of the highs and lows of college, ADPi has always been a constant for me.  I am me because ADPi allowed me to find myself, on my own terms, and cheered me on along the way. I feel so blessed to have spent the time I've had as part of this chapter.