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Why I went ADpi

Sarah Mackey

  COB Fall '21

Year: Junior

  Major: Human Development and Family Studies

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Going through recruitment I was very nervous and shy, but as soon as I went to my first ADPI event I knew that was going to be my home. I instantly felt comfortable and accepted by all of the girls. Each girl I talked to was so kind, sweet, and engaging. ADPI is everything I have everything I have ever wanted from a sorority and sisterhood, and I have never met a group of more genuine girls.

Maggie Zelles

Spring '21

Year: Sophomore

  Major: Buisness Management

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I went ADPI because from the start I felt at home. Every girl I spoke to went above and beyond to make me feel heard and appreciated. The friendships and bonds I have made over the past year are unbreakable and irreplaceable. I am so thrilled and proud to be apart Alpha Delta Pi and cannot wait to see where the chapter takes me the next three years and for the rest of my life! 

Katie Beane-Fox

Spring '21

Year: Junior

   Major: Special Education

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I went ADPi because from the beginning of recruitment, I could tell that they were a group of incredibly genuine and supportive women. I never felt the pressure to be someone that I wasn't, and I could tell that they wanted to get to know who I was at my core. They asked about my interests and passions, and every conversation was authentic. Since joining ADPi, I have continued to be amazed by how kind and accepting everyone is, and I now have an incredible support system here at Penn State. 

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