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In Alpha Delta Pi, our motto, "we live for each other," truly encompasses how we feel about our sisters and our organization.  As a member of our chapter, you never have to feel alone. With over 200 sisters by your side, you will always have someone to accompany you in both hardship and prosperity.


Social Responsibility 

Alpha Delta Pi understands the moral obligation to give back to society. Our sisters participate in numerous philanthropic efforts to give back to our wonderful planet and the people who inhabit it. 



Alpha Delta Pi provides a unique environment for sisters to constantly grow and develop into strong and successful women. Our sisters are all dedicated, motivated, and well rounded individuals who recognize the importance of acting with honesty and integrity wherever they may be. 



In 1851, our founders came together to establish the first secret society for women. This innovation still inspires us today. Our sisters proudly hold countless leadership positions in other organizations on campus and are viewed as accomplished leaders by their peers and other members of the Penn State community.


Academic Interest

Alpha Delta Pi emphasizes the importance of academic excellence for our sisters. We offer a number of resources for our chapter to utilize in their studies and provide gift cards and other incentives to reward our members who go above and beyond.


Health & Wellness

We care about our sisters and want them to lead healthy and prosperous lives. Our ADfit program provides a fun and interactive way for sisters to maintain a healthy lifestyle while building long-lasting friendships and bonding with one another.

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