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About our sisterhood


At a school as large as Penn State, it's important to find your home away from home to help make the transition to college easier and more fun. In Alpha Delta Pi, you'll find just that. We pride ourselves on the strong and genuine bonds we have with our sisters.


Accepting a bid from ADPi means that you'll always see a familiar face or two walking to class each day and you'll always have a solid support system of girls standing behind you, ready to cheer you on. Being part of our sisterhood means you'll never have to worry about who is going to help you finish that extra large box of Pokey Stix because there will always be a few sisters down for a snack. 

Our chapter offers a variety of sisterhood events each week, so there's always an opportunity to nurture friendships. Whether you'd rather spend the day trying something new like Goat Yoga, or on the couch catching up on the Bachelor, the possibilities are endless when you have 200+ sisters by your side.



Here is a look into life as a sister in Alpha Delta Pi! Whether you're looking for someone to grab dinner with, or a friend to travel across the world with, ADPi offers endless opportunities for genuine and rich friendships. 

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